Viara’s Virtual Reality Real Estate Tours Launch In Australia

Viara is transforming the way people engage with and experience off-the-plan real estate through industry-leading, immersive 360° technology.

Viara’s eagerly awaited virtual reality tours have launched, following the efforts of twenty-seven-year-old entrepreneur, Chris Farace, who identified a gap in the off-the-plan real estate realm. Leveraging a pioneering combination of video game technology with virtual reality, Viara is the unveiling of pre-empted demand for a more interactive and immersive way for people to engage with evolving spaces.

2017 saw a new record of more than US$3 billion invested in augmented and virtual reality companies, with the foreseeable future shaping up to be a period that positions such innovation as a market-driven mandate rather than a nice-to-have notion of the future. Having come up with the concept while running a successful web and app agency in New York, and contemplating the amount of money invested in renovations and yet-to-be-built dwellings, Farace’s creation is the culmination of augmented reality meets design-thinking, set to transform our approach to investment and property development as we know it.

What Is Viara?

Put simply, Viara is a web application that allows off-the-plan properties to be envisaged and showcased in virtual reality form via existing technology. Cost-effective, user-friendly (even for the non-tech-savvy), and accessible in less than two minutes, Viara allows agents, developers, architects, and home buyers to ideate, plan and risk-assess in the early stages of development, before critical decisions are made.

Farace emphasises the importance of virtual reality technology distinguishing itself through innovation, “through gaming-derived capability, we’ve been able to harness factors such as realistic lighting and accurately scaled 3D modelling to create a hyper-realistic experience. Essentially, what Viara does is allow people to ‘walk through’ a space and foster their envisagement before the project has come to fruition.”

How Does Viara Work?

Rather than outlaying thousands for new software and hardware, Viara allows subscribers to view or embed its technology through their existing URL, with seamless usability in mind. Subscribers log in to their user dashboard, which through a few simple steps, allows them to upload 360’ panoramas and floorplans, as well as create hotspots that configure a tour on the spot.

Viara’s technology allows the user to embed the technology on their own website, as well as include their unique branding, URL and more. Current virtual tour technology available within the market, requires powerful and often expensive platforms – in contrast, Viara operates using existing technology such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. This means, with the help of any digital device, Viara can be accessed and utilised from anywhere in the world. For a professional and exciting touch, Viara can also be viewed on any VR headset, which delivers a truly immersive experience to consumers.

Who Can Use Viara?

Going beyond traditional rendering models, Viara gives the consumer and those involved in the design and building process, far more vision, control and subsequent empowerment over a project’s final outcome. In a user-experience driven landscape, which has become more competitive and agile than ever before, the market has welcomed Viara. Building company Carter Grange have successfully piloted Viara, as well as the Victorian School Building Authority who soaked it up on their 2.5-billion-dollar state government schooling infrastructure project.

With Viara now launched, it provides a highly accessible technology that any individual or organisation can use. For more information, visit