We’re Launching Beta

Buying an apartment or house can be risky for buyers as floor plans can lack imagination and detail. Chris, founder of Viara, understood that much of the uncertainty could be eliminated by utilising digital 3D modelling software used in gaming and applying this concept to virtual tours for off the plan properties.

Introducing Viara

Viara is the custom-built software that allows you to take a virtual tour of a fully furnished and decorated apartment that is yet to be built.

With this brilliant idea in mind, Viara came to be. This software allows 3D visual designers and architects to create virtual tours by simply uploading 360-degree panoramas and floor plans. The Web Application then configures and embeds these to create a virtual tour, within minutes. Viewers can go on a walk-through tour of properties and visualise 3D floor plans by using a smartphone, tablet or goggles. See our video below to see Viara in action.

Viara has been born from the rise of Virtual Reality, starting in gaming and entertainment, now expanding to other industries, including real estate. A survey from Chaos Group found that for 3D designers and architects, VR virtual tours has increased accessibility by 85% stating that 3D rendered imagery can be critical for winning projects.

Want To Join Our Beta Team?

Viara is offering 500 participants early access, allowing us to add the finishing touches to this innovative software by removing bugs and alleviating issues. Right now, 3D Visual Designers and Architects have the opportunity to use the custom-built software. If you want to be one of the first in the world to trial Viara and create your own virtual experiences, sign up here.

If you’ve missed out on our beta phase, Viara will be available on monthly plans ranging from $19 to $99 and is set to launch publicly in early 2018.




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