The Future of VR in Real Estate

Virtual Reality (VR) is on the rise and companies are investing in the fast-developing 3D rendering technology, and it is not just about VR gaming. Australia is now adopting VR across a variety of industries; from training programs for firefighters and the military, through to utilising VR for real estate.

VR In The Near Future

According to the 2017 Global Perspectives For Private Companies report by Deloitte Insights, private businesses in Australia are planning to invest 26% into VR and technologies over the next twelve months. This will see VR the demand for high-quality VR experiences to rise significantly in the near future, especially in real estate.

Immersive experiences through VR is becoming an international trend, and it is becoming easier and more affordable to access as technology develops.  A good example of this is late 2017, ABC launched Kokoda-VR as a media-first in Australia. It is an educational, feature-length virtual tour that immerses the user in a historical 360-degree depiction of what the Kokoda Trail would’ve been like 75 years prior.


Why Introduce VR to Real Estate?

When it comes to real estate, buying off the plan can have an element of risk, but having full access to take a VR tour around a potential property allows your image of a floor plan to come to life.

Imagine this: Walking down the entrance hall to the open plan living area, where the sunlight streams through the window onto the coffee ta